Well, after much time of being sick and unable to do much, I have finally figured out that I have an allergy to soy.  I bet you never knew this, but SOY is EVERYWHERE!!!  Its been a long time coming, but I am certain this will solve my “hangover” feeling that I get almost every morning.  Thankfully, I have a great team of doctors who stand behind me pushing me forward and continue to look into the possible clotting issues I have. 

I am also very thankful that I have great friends and family.  Since we are in the BBQ season, it is difficult to go to a party without seriously considering every piece of food there.  My family has been amazing about that and has tried to replace their soy based foods for me. I guess when you worry about your brother-in-laws allergy to pork or your nephew’s allergy to milk, they will work with you.  I am very blessed.

On to what’s on my knitting needles.  I am making Treehuggers TuTu for my BFF’s daughter who will turn one next weekend!  I am making it in Baby’s Love (Lion Brand) in a pale minty green color.  It looks amazing with her dark hair and brown eyes.  I will be giving her mommy a onesie to put under it for days that are a bit chilly.  I am excited, because I get to see Elle wear this.  I am going down to Pueblo for her birthday!  I am SUPER excited about that.  Will post pictures once I get it done.


My Halloweeeeeennnnn!

So this weekend might be the best halloween I have ever been a part of!  Okay, I know that sounds weird because we didn’t do anything or go anywhere, but I had a blast!!  We passed out a huge bag of candy to our neighbors kids.  Oh My, those kids were SO dang creative.  We had several hockey players and football players and snowboarders (which makes sense because then the kids were warm!!!) But my all time favorite was the geisha and a ninja.  They looked like they were handmade and not store bought.  Which always impresses me. 

We also spent some time together (my husband and I)… Which almost sounds crazy too, but we haven’t had a weekend night where we spend the time together without an interruption.   It was awesome!

And further more I got a Christmas present almost all done!  Which makes me happy.  Only 6 more to go!